Data protection

Privacy Policy

The following document is the Privacy Policy of Laser Corner Kft., the official operator of the website.

1. Data Controller name:

Laser Corner Kft. (hereinafter referred to as the “Provider”)

2. Data Controller address:

1085 Budapest, Somogyi Béla u. 12.

3. Contact details:

Contact person: Csaba Szalai

Phone: +36 30-476-1302


4. Description of the type of data processing being carried out by the Provider:

Processing the data of Users who have registered on the Website, based on their entirely voluntary, informed, and firm consent.

5. The specific legal basis for the data processing carried out:

A voluntary consent given by the Data Subjects, in line with section 3(1) of Act LXIII of 1992 on the Protection of personal data and public access to data of public interest (“Avtv.”). Via their voluntary data supply, the Users automatically consent to the Data defined in section 6 herein being processed. Upon signing up to the newsletter, the Users automatically accept the provisions herein.

6. The range of data being processed:

6.1. The following information is supplied by the Users:

E-mail address

6.2. When visiting the Website, the User’s IP address, the start and finish date of their visit, and in certain cases, the type of web browser and operating system used (subject to the User’s PC’s special configurations) will be logged by the Provider. This data is automatically logged by the Provider’s system. The Provider will not link any of the data found in the log file with any other Personal Data. The above-listed data shall solely be used by the Provider for its own purposes.

6.3. When using the Website, the Provider will install small size computer data files, including data that is not directly linkable to the User, on the Visitors’ or Users’ PC (cookies), for the purposes of data logging, User identification, facilitating the User’s upcoming future visits, to enhance the efficiency of the services provided, to send tailored advertisements or other tailored content to Users, and for market research purposes.

7. The specific purposes of data processing:

The data specified in section 6.1 herein is being collected by the Provider for the purposes of sending free-of-charge electronic newsletters, advice, or occasionally, direct mail to the Users.

The data specified in section 6.2 herein, being logged in the log file while using the Website, is only stored by the Provider for statistical purposes.

The installation of cookies, as defined in section 6.3 herein, takes place for statistical and advertising purposes only. This will not be disclosed to any third party by the Provider.

Personal Data shall not be used by the Data Controller for any purposes other than the specific purposes defined above. Personal Data will only be transferred to third parties subject to the User’s prior and informed consent. This shall not apply to any mandatory data disclosure to be performed based on the law.

7. The duration of data processing:

In case of the data obligatorily provided by the Users, for the entire period of the User remaining as a member of the community. (The Provider shall be obliged to delete the data, based on the User’s voluntary request, or when the User indicated his/her willingness to unsubscribe to the newsletter, within 5 business days. If the User uses any Personal Data illegally or fraudulently, or commits a criminal offense, the Provider shall be entitled to delete the User’s Personal Data simultaneously with cancelling the User’s subscription.).

8. Deletion of Personal Data:

The Users shall be entitled to request a deletion of their Personal Data via e-mail, sent to the following e-mail address: The Provider shall be obliged to delete the specified data within 5 business days upon receipt of the User’s specific deletion request.

9. Data Processor’s name:

Laser Corner Kft.

Data processing registration number: to be confirmed

10. Data security measures taken:

All Personal Data is stored by the Provider on dedicated servers, protected 24/7, installed in the server room run by XXX, in the territory of Hungary.

11. Future amendments made to the present Privacy Policy:

The Provider retains the right to unilaterally amend the present Privacy Policy, subject to the Users’ prior notification. When continuing to using the services after certain amendments of the present Privacy Policy have entered into force, the Users automatically accept the amended version of the present Privacy Policy.

12. The Users’ rights in relation to the processing of their Personal Data:

Users are entitled to request information about their Personal Data being processed by the Provider. Upon the Data Subject’s specific request, the Provider shall be obliged to provide information about the Data Subject’s data being processed, the objective, legal basis and duration of the relevant data processing activities, the name, address and activities carried out by the Data Processor in relation to the data processing, as well as the list of individuals who have obtained the data, and for what specific purpose. Such requests for information supply can be submitted via e-mail, sent to the following e-mail address:, and the Data Subject shall receive a reply from the Provider within 8 business days. The Users shall also be entitled to request a deletion of their data in line with the provisions of section 8 herein.

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