What is Laser Corner?

About Laser Corner:

There are many places advertised as Laser Tag arenas in Hungary, mostly operating in Budapest. However, this is a bit misleading as not all of the clubs actually provide a Laser Tag Game, and only 1 or 2 clubs effectively use laser guns. The term “Laser Tag Game” stands for laser combat games played while wearing a Laser Tag Vest with built-in LED lights, and a connected Laser Tag Gun, played indoors, in a dark room, filled with mysterious fog. Therefore, this shouldn’t include games using infrared lights and played in daylight or outdoors, with a single gun and a head sensor, despite the fact that they’re becoming increasingly widespread.

The Laser Tag game has to be played with laser!

You can find us in Budapest, in district VIII, At Somogyi Béla u. 12. Laser Corner provides a 21st century technology game adventure, for both adults and kids. The Club occupies 900 m2 total floor space on 2 levels, of which the Arena comprises 700 m2, which is unrivalled in Hungary, and is also ranked as one of the largest arenas in Europe. The technology we use was developed by the Dutch Lasermaxx Lasergames B.V., and the developer, by acknowledging our team’s efforts and the Arena we built, decided to give us an exclusive operator license for the entire area of Budapest, for the Lasermaxx technology they represent. This is unique in Central-Europe.

Our Laser Tag Arena:

  • We use the latest EVO-5 series Lasermaxx system, which is comprised of a Laser Tag Gun and Laser Tag Vest, incorporating 4 LEDs. The LED sensors detect when they’re tagged by the laser beam, i.e. when the opponent hits a target. There are 5 tags on the Vest, and 1 on the Gun. This is to avoid players simply hiding behind props during the entire game and shooting from there.
  • As opposed to the typical arrangement of Laser Tag arenas in Europe, which feature movable walls, we decided to completely rebuild a 2-storey Budapest retail outlet, by keeping the walls fixed, and installing a range of various obstacles and hideaways while refurbishing and redecorating the adjacent basement facility.
  • We have an MI-8 type military helicopter in our Arena! Yes, that’s right. This is no mistake, and it’s not a toy version. We have a real, original (crashed) MI-8 type military helicopter parked in our Arena, which you can utilise during the game. It is not a decorative item, yet you can still use it and it will come handy when roughing up your opponents.
  • There’s no need to wear protective gear for the game. Just wear your own clothes and shoes. Men and women equally enjoy playing the game, and the only limitation we have for children is to be at least 120 centimeters in height for the Laser Tag Vest to fit.
  • The games are optionally 12, 15, 20 or 30 mins long, and when the game is over, the scores will be automatically uploaded from your gun into the central system, and you’ll receive a print-out of your individual and team scores.
  • The lobby we built adjacent to the Arena is perfectly suitable for accommodating special occasions, corporate events, birthdays, stag nights, bachelorette parties and class reunions. The staff at Laser Corner is committed to ensuring your stay perfect in order to make sure we would see you again in the future.
  • Up to 20 players can play the game. The Arena size is adjustable to adapt to the number of players and ensure a great experience for all. If only 6-8 players wish to play the game, the total 700 square foot floor space is likely to be too large for you, as you probably don’t want to spend your whole time trying to find your opponent. As such, we normally offer the option to downsize the game area. This is optional and it’s up to you how you wish to proceed in each case.
  • We have a short introductory video played before the start of the game, explaining how the game should be played, the applicable rules, a list of potential hazards in the Arena, and we will show you how to use your gear. Upon your next visit, you might not wish to watch the video again, yet we invited two celebrities to be featured in the video, to make sure it would be fun to re-watch.

Finally, let’s talk about the technology we use:

It’s important to point out that the laser beam used in the game is completely harmless to your eyes. The Lasermaxx technology used during the game is regularly tested and developed by recognized foreign experts, and the system has underwent a true evolution, starting off as an EVO-1 model, and now the EVO-5 which is currently in use. Lasermaxx is currently the leading Laser Tag Game system on the planet. The LEDs attached to the Vests are embedded in an shock-resistant plastic encasement and the Laser Tag Guns used during the game are unbreakable. When you are tagged, you will be removed from the game for a short period of time. You will hear a beep, your Vest will start vibrating, and the LEDs will go off on your Vest. After a few seconds, you will re-enter the game. The system works at a distance of up to 35 meters, so you don’t need to chase your opponents up close. Depending on how good you are, you can shoot from any distance. The Laser Tag Vests have multicolour built-in LEDs, flashing in 6 colours, which means that up to 6 teams can play any game. However, based on our previous experience, the classic 2-player game offers the most fun. We have standard Game Rules that determine the terms and conditions of play and you are strongly advised to adhere to these rules in order to preserve your own, and other players’ safety. Should the Game Rules be repeatedly breached by any player, the offending player will be immediately removed from the game by the Game Master with his/her Laser Tag Vest and Laser Tag Gun will be simultaneously removed from the game. The most spectacular feature of the game is watching the laser beam in action, enabled by the mysterious fog and UV lights used in the Arena.

Feedback from our customers:

Send us your feedback about the game. Tell us if any aspects require improvement, as we intend to learn from constructive feedback. You can send us an e-mail or you can post your comments on our Facebook page. If you have any queries or special requests, please contact us as we’ll be happy to assist you, and we’ll do our best to accommodate all your special needs.

Thank you for using our services.

May the Laser be with you! ☝️

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A peek behind the scenes

it all started with the demolition works:


Once we finished tearing the place apart, we had to build it up again:


And here comes our helicopter:

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I joined my expat friends for a game, and it was great. It’s a cool place. I got really worn out by the end, but it was well worth it.

Gábor Szántó, Budapest


This was the very first time I played a game like this, but I was totally blown away. My friends and me will definitely be regulars.

Tamás Fekete, Biatorbágy
LaserMaxx lasertag