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There are many so-called "laser tag" arenas in Hungary, especially within Budapest. Unfortunately, however, it is erroneous and misleading that all of these do indeed provide laser tag games, since, with a few exceptions, no laser gun is used in any of them. Laser tag as a collective term is the summary name of the games in which a laser fight game is played in a closed, dark and artificial nebulated area with equipment consisting of a multi-point illuminated vest and its laser weapon. Therefore this does not include today's increasingly common infrared light game system, which is played in daylight, even outdoors, using a piece of gun and headlamp. 

Laser tag games can only be played with lasers!

The Laser Corner at Budapest VIII. Somogyi Béla u. 12. offers the gaming experience of the 21st century for both adults and children! The total area of the Laser Corner is 900 m2 on two levels, of which approximately 700 m2 is the Arena area. Our partner company, the developer of the technology, is the Dutch Lasermaxx Lasergames B.V., which is present in 360 laser tag arenas in more than 50 countries around the world.


Here is what you need to know about Laser Corner:

  • It uses the latest EVO-6 Lasermaxx system, which consists of a laser light emitting weapon and a vest with LED lighting at 4 points. These LED lights are the so-called hit points, which you can hit with the laser light to get the points you need for the ultimate victory. There is a total of 5 such points of impact on the equipment, the fifth is located on the surface of the laser gun. This excludes a gaming style in which a player can feel completely safe by shooting from the cover he occupies.
  • Breaking with the traditions of laser tag arenas, we did not decorate our arena with the standard plank and mobile wall system, but we transformed and built a two-storey business premises in Budapest with obstacles, shelters, leaving original walls and completely redesigning and decorating the cellar system.
  • MI-8 military helicopter! Yeah, it's not a typo and it's not a Styrofoam replica. An original MI-8 military helicopter was placed in the arena and to enhance the gaming experience the helicopter wreckage is boardable. Thus, not only does it provide spectacular external cover, you can supress with heavy fire from the inside those opponents, who remained outside. 
  • No special protective equipment is required for the game! You can play wearing casual clothes and shoes.
  • At the end of the game stages, which can be 12-15-20-30 minutes long, the weapons automatically download the results stored during the game and these results are handed to the players on a so-called firing card. This allows you to track both the team and the individual game.
  • In addition to the arena, the reception area is suitable for events, company meetings, birthdays, bachelor and bachelorette parties and class reunions. 
  • The game can be played by 20 people at a time.
  • Before each game (not per stage, but once for a team), a demonstration short film is screened. This summarizes the gameplay section of the game policy. We present the rules, the hazards in the arena and provide assistance with the use of the equipment. Of course, this will be a routine for the returning players, but the two well-known characters of the short film – László Hadházi, an eminent member of the Hungarian stand-up comedy, and Endi Kiss, drummer of the Hooligans - are always a refreshment. 

Finally, let's talk a little bit about the technology we use:

It is important to know that the laser light emitted by the laser gun is not harmful to the eye at all. Lasermaxx technology is constantly being tested and developed by renowned foreign professionals, and today we have gone from the EVO-1 system to the high-end EVO-6 system. It's the best laser tag system in the world today. Impact-resistant plexiglas covers the vest's LED lights, and an unbreakable laser gun is included in the system. A hit will disqualify the player for a few seconds. The result is audible, with the vest vibrating and the LED lighting temporarily off. After a few seconds, the player can join the game again. The range of the system is 35 m, so there is no need to stalk the opponent at close range, but the opponent can be shot with good sense even from a further point in the arena. The vests have variable lighting in 6 colors, so up to 6 teams can play against each other. The Laser Corner Rules restrict the terms of the game, which must be observed very seriously in order to preserve the physical integrity of ourselves and our fellow players. Continuous violations can also result in exclusion from the game, the playmaker can exclude the game-ruining player from the game, and disable his vest and weapon.

The most spectacular element of laser combat is that the laser light becomes visible thanks to the fog  and the UV-lighting in the arena. 

The arena uses sound and light effects to enhance the spectacle and the musical background during the game provides a great experience in the midst of the most intense fights.




Budapest, Dist. 8., 12 Béla Somogyi street


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