Air Force Base - Policy

  1. Reservations can only be made in the reservation system of We cannot take reservations made by phone or email! Reservations can be made at least 24 hours in advance, if you wish to book within 24 hours, please reach us through one of the contacts on the website. (phone: 06304294872, email:
  2. Reservations are available for teams of at least 6 people. If you would like to play with a smaller team, please contact us by phone or email before booking. (phone: 06304294872, email:
  3. Up to 20 people can participate in the game at a time.
  4. The number of people given for the reservation can be changed until the start of the game. Only players who actually participate in the game will be charged a service fee regardless of the number of players entered at the time of booking.
  5. When choosing a birthday package, it is necessary to specify the type of cake and pizza when booking.
  6. There are three payment methods available when booking. When paying by credit card, the reservation fee can be safely paid through the OTP Simple Pay system and the reservation becomes effective immediately. If the bank transfer option is selected, a fee request will be sent to the email address provided and the reservation will become final when the amount is transferred or paid in a bank. In case of on-site payment, within 72 hours of booking or on the 2nd day prior to the game, payment is possible in our store on Somogyi street. In any other case, we reserve the right to cancel the reservation without further notice.
  7. When redeeming a gift voucher, we cannot refund the difference in cash for reservations that do not exceed the voucher value. Only one coupon can be redeemed for one reservation!
  8. Reservations can be rescheduled in advance, taking into account available dates.
  9. If a reservation is cancelled, we are unable to refund the reservation fee or deposit.
  10. If you paid the full amount at the time of booking but fewer people arrive, we are unable to refund the difference. If you make a 50% deposit, we will be able to adjust the fee from the remaining amount if fewer people play than the number specified in your reservation.
  11. Earliest arrival is 15 minutes before the reserved time. The reservation covers whole hours and is not for clean playtime, so it is worth preparing for the game in time.
  12. Throughout the game, Laser Corner's playmakers help players manage the game, equipment and any problems that arise.
  13. 12-15-20 minute game stages can be requested from the playmaker.
  14. It is important to wear appropriate clothing, especially closed shoes.
  15. It is forbidden to participate in the game when drunk, under the influence of medication or drugs!
  16. The game is not recommended for pregnant women for safety reasons!
  17. For safety reasons, the game is not recommended for handicapped and disabled people!
  18. It is forbidden to smoke or use open flames during the game!
  19. It is forbidden to make phone calls or take photos or videos in the arena during the game to ensure the safety of the players!
  20. Please do not shout, use obscene words or insult anyone in the arena.
  21. No children under the age of 14 are allowed in Laser Corner without parental supervision!
  22. Any drinks or food can only be brought into the Laser Corner area after a prior written agreement!
  23. The game is not recommended for people under 120 cm due to the size of the vest.
  24. People with epilepsy or other conditions caused by confinement and darkness are prohibited from participating in the game.
  25. It is forbidden to hit, kick or push other players in the arena!
  26. It is forbidden to displace the terrain objects.
  27. Running on the stairs or pushing each other is forbidden in the arena.
  28. Littering is forbidden in the arena!
  29. It is prohibited to crawl or climb the walls or terrain objects in the arena.!
  30. It is strictly forbidden to open the protective surfaces of the helicopter in the arena, they may cause serious cutting injury both during demolition and to other players.
  31. Particular attention should be paid to the low position of the helicopter due to its crashed condition. Serious head injuries can occur when moving the helicopter with the head, so please pay attention to obstacles at head height in the immediate vicinity of the helicopter!
  32. It is forbidden to remove or cover the vest and the gun during the playing time in the arena.
  33. It is forbidden to wear the equipment outside the playground! After each game, the vest and gun should be placed back on the same bracket from which the player took them at the start of the game.
  34. Please use the Laser Corner area as intended. In all cases, the person making the reservation is liable for the damage, regardless of whether the damage was caused by him or his partner.
  35. Before the start of the game, all players are required to sign the game rules and responsibility statement on the spot, in the case of children, by the accompanying adult. Failing this, the playmaker may forbid the participation in the game.

Thank you for following and enforcing the rules of the game!

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